Avoid Storm Damage To Your New Wood Fence

Avoid Storm Damage To Your New Wood Fence

26 July 2022
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If you've chosen to install wood fencing for your property the first time, there's a lot to consider to ensure that it remains in excellent condition over the years. Once the wood is exposed to the elements, you can expect it to become worn down over the years unless you take care to choose the right fence. 

Storm damage is a genuine concern when you live somewhere that gets strong winds, snowfall, and rain, making it best to follow the tips below. 

Include Gaps

When a large gust of wind comes through your yard, there's the chance that a wood fence can topple over. If your fence is solid wood with small gaps between for privacy reasons, this risk is increased significantly. Wood fencing needs to have boards between ⅜th to ¼th inch apart to allow the wood to swell and contract with weather fluctuations. 

Although these gaps are helpful in protecting your fence, they won't be much help during strong winds. If this is a frequent occurrence where you live, consider making the gaps larger to allow the wind to move through your yard without as much strain on the fence. 

Prevent Rotting Wood

Before you opt for any wood fence, you need to be patient and see what options will hold up with weather extremes. To protect the fence, ensure that staining is done preemptively or immediately after the fence is installed. This coating will significantly reduce the chance that rot occurs on your fence. 

Considering how deep the fence is and making plans for where water will drain in your yard can ensure that water doesn't pool up at the base of your fence. 

Paint the Fence 

Although painting your fence may be on your to-do list for the improvement in appearance, it can provide an additional benefit. Paint can add a layer of protection between the elements and the original wood planks. By looking into painting and having it done shortly after the fence is installed, you won't run into issues where the exposed wood shows wear and tear too quickly. 

Making plans for installing a new fence requires careful planning to ensure that it's installed correctly and won't begin to look worn down anytime soon. By following the above tips, you'll be able to take preventive steps to protect your fence and reduce the risk of storm damage. These steps will also protect your fencing as the temperature changes throughout the years.

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